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Paris comes to Los Angeles!

I received a random social media message from Paris that a band called BLACKRAIN was coming to Los Angeles to record their new album "Released" in Laurel Canyon with a notable producer. They had been told by a common friend of ours in France to contact me regarding shooting their album cover and publicity photos. We immediately hit it off at my house upon our first meeting and met a second time to discuss the shoot and agreed on shooting Swan (the singer) in freshly released handcuffs. Our shoot day was mainly shot outdoors and lit with Profoto strobe system. The amazing Tas Limur was my assistant that day. We managed to knock out about 7 or 8 exterior locations and then return to the studio to grab a shot against white and then capture the cover shot of Swan in cuffs for the CD cover. Great shoot, great guys and I wish them much success with their new project and many more to follow!